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I woke up tired, as if I hadn’t slept at all. If I had, my slept had been frustrated by worrying dreams then.

The tension around the main house had been enormous for the last two days, whose effects were clearly visible across the corridors of the Guard House and among the words and behavior of the men who were forced to face Ayhan and DD.

I got out of the Guard House to be welcomed by the pale brightness of the first morning rays, which wait hours before the sun can follow. They could barely give life, while a deep heavy night kept the earth and everything around in darkness.

I heard her before I was able to see her. I could hear the stomps of her feet on the ground, the rustle of her clothes against bushes and branches. Her rage hit me like a blast wave.

A few metres from the main house I slowed down, in order to try guessing where she was, to reach or anticipate her. I scanned the darkness until I went past the house.

I dodged, rapid, and kept on walking towards the gym, but I couldn’t get rid of Ayhan’s picture on the balcony facing East. His sole presence could tell how their night had gone. An indication of his mood that day, again.

I got inside the gym and waited. First off, I tidied up the equipment, before starting some practice with the weapons on the rack. Time seemed eternal.

When DD came in, walking slowly as she was tired, wearing sweaty t-shirt and trousers, I only managed to stay still against the wall, undecided. Did she want to kill me, following my attempt?

She didn’t even look at me and went past me to the changing room. I heard water flow, and I imagined her cleansing her face. Then she got out, walked to the punching bag and warmed her hands up to hit it.

She started fast, straight and strong kicks and punches. She was moving around the bag, which was hopelessly dancing.

I breathed in deeply and tried to stand in order to reach her.

«Whatever happened with Aleksandr, let go. Cancel the event.» I gulped down while she stopped the bag and stared at me.

«Rage is confusing you. You should dump it, reason and trust your ability to anticipate events. How many times have you been misled by rage? How many times have you paid your dues?» I managed to say straightaway, facing her look.

«What if I can’t this time, Jim» her desperate voice caught me by surprise.

What happened in Moscow? What did Yermenko do to trigger this? She had killed him, but this hadn’t appeased her rage; it looked as if it had made her steady

«You must! The longer your rebellion, the worse the consequences they’ll use to stop it.» I insisted, while looking at the white scar along her forearm.

I read on her face that she already knew about the confidential actions which were being planned to take out on her attitude.

«What happened with Aleksandr?» I whispered and lowered my eyes.

She nodded and her high ponytail moved. The she turned her look on the side, towards the main house, breathed in deeply, as getting ready for something she would surrender to. This filled my heart with sorrow.

All of a sudden, DD hit the bag with all her strength, and it bounced on the wall. Then she left, confident and head up, ready to follow the Clan’s will.